My Passion

The last two years has been hard for everyone just in different ways but all are caused by the same thing, the pandemic. With life changing the way it has, it is easier to get lost, to loose yourself. I’ve done just that. I tried changing my blog to something that wasn’t me, something that I’m not passionate about. During the pandemic, my family took a more center part of my attention. The kids were around so much more with distant learning, birthday parties being cancelled or not as big, holidays become smaller and more individual.

As life has slowly been getting back to “normal”, kids are back in school full time, I started to discover myself again. As part of discovering myself, I got a job. I got a job as a teller at a local credit union. It was so nice to contribute to my family financially. It was nice being around other adults. It was nice being out in my community, helping others. I had hope to turn this into a career. I was able to make it two weeks before I was having to take time off to stay home with sick kids or because they had been exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid. It was never just one day. Every time one of them became sick or had to stay home from exposure, it was 2 or more days. They always have to get a negative Covid test before they go back to school. Things did get a little easier when the schools started providing rapid testing in the schools for the students. However, I was still taking multiple days a week off work to be home with one or more of my kids. I swear the kids were just rotating weeks they were sick or exposed.

I’m not the type of people who is ok with constantly taking time off work. I was hired to do a job and I wanted to do that job. I enjoyed my job. However, my family will always come first. My husband and I agreed it was best that I quit my job and go back to being a stay-at-home mom. The credit union could hire someone that would be able to do the job and I could make my family a priority and not feel guilty about taking the time off to be with my kids in their time of need. But I had found a piece of myself that I hadn’t seen in a long time. A part of myself I don’t want to loose.

As this new chapter begins, the best way to not loose that part of myself is to get my blog back up and running. Make it better than before. But, what should the focus of my blog be about? it should be something I’m passionate about. After spending a week thinking about it, my family is what I’m passionate about, finding balance with my family is what I’m passionate about. So, that is what you will be seeing in the future of Tidbit of Happy. Check back each week to see favorites of mine, projects I do with my family or how I am finding balance with my family.

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