Want to Turn Your Love of Video Games Into a Career? Here Are Top Ways Individuals With Disabilities Can Break Into the Industry

According to Techjury, it has been projected that in the next four years the gaming industry will reach $256.97 billion worldwide. Powering this massive economic activity are groups of exceptionally talented individuals across areas of expertise. Creating just one video game involves the work of software developers, game developers, writers, audio engineers, and many more skill sets.

Those who face disabilities of all kinds can lend a unique perspective to the industry. Whether hearing impaired or facing a mental health condition, the world of gaming benefits from having a host of perspectives. If you are considering turning your love of video games into a career and have one or more disabilities, consider these helpful tips from Tidbits of Happy.

Earn a degree that is relevant to the field

Video games are a great way to develop problem-solving skills that employers love. The notion that video games can’t help you launch a successful career is now 100% false. And the first step on your journey to catching the attention of software development companies and working professionally in the video game industry is getting a relevant degree (if you’ve not done so already). After researching what area you’d like to specialize in (e.g. graphics, audio, programming, quality assurance), you will need to find a degree that can help you land a career. This can include everything from graphic design to computer programming or project management.

Individuals who cannot attend in-person classes due to physical limitations now have extensive online degree program options. Almost every degree that you could need to break into the field can be earned without having to leave home. As you take courses leading to a degree, and gain skills along the way, be sure to keep your resume updated!

Start a career as a freelance video game developer

Have the skills to develop games, but don’t want to wait to be hired by a company? Many individuals have found that working as a freelance video game developer can be a lucrative and rewarding career. Instead of applying for highly-competitive jobs, you can start your own endeavor as a trusted and experienced developer.

Whether you’re an expert in game development, game design, or creating sound effects for games, you can list your services on one of today’s top freelance job marketplaces. This is a great way to be discovered by both small and large companies. In addition to listing your services, you can also create game apps. Mobile game developers can make money each time their game is purchased, or when in-app purchases are made.

Start a consulting business to provide video game developers with accessibility recommendations

Sony Interactive Entertainment notes that another creative idea for becoming self-employed in the video game industry is to offer accessibility consulting services for developers. Many major companies want to make their games accessible to all; this goal requires expert insight into accessibility needs for elements such as online play and games with motion. By offering your unique perspectives and advice through consulting services, you can help advance the industry for millions of individuals who face similar obstacles.

Become a video game tester for accessibility modifications

One way that gaming companies are creating enhanced accessibility modifications is through the rigorous testing of new features. Although these opportunities can be few and far between, they do exist. Browse job postings for accessibility-specific video game testing jobs that are related to your individual challenges. Prepare yourself to be a top candidate by searching requirements for professional video game testers, and filling any gaps in education or experience.

Breaking into the video game industry is no longer a near-impossible feat. With so many games being developed every year, companies are constantly in search of new talent. Using the above suggestions can not only help you launch your new career, but can also help advance accessibility in the gaming world.

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