Life happens everyday; work, meals, bills, and kids. Everyday can become just another day. Days can blend together and you can forget what day it is. We start to move through life-like on repeat or auto-pilot. We get so busy that we can forget to enjoy it. This blog is a place for people to come and find assistance with getting their lives balanced, find support, to grow and learn to find ways to add that tidbit of happiness and adventure into their lives.  We want to help others add the tidbit of happiness and joy into their lives. Finding the diamond in their happiness.
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Hi, my name is Sarah
I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a blogger. My husband and I have been married for fifteen years. We have four beautiful children. M (our only son) is 11, B is 6, A is 5, and E is a 3 years old. They keep us very busy!
My husband and I bought a ranch style house a few years ago. It sits on five acres. With the land we have started our own little farm. On our little farm we have two dogs, Chewbacca and Rev, a cat named Darth Vader (yes, we love Star Wars), too many roosters, a whole lot of chickens (my son has named them all), eleven ducks, two geese, and four goats (males are named Cookie and Bubba, our female is named Oreo, and our newest addition is a 6 month old baby girl named Sweet Pea). We usually have  big garden growing with lots of yummy veggies and fruits.
I have been a stay-at-home mom for years now. I’m still learning how to balance everything; God, my kids, my blog, being a wife, and finding time for myself. One of my biggest struggles is clutter.  Clutter always seemed to created repeated work and more problems than a family should have.  With this blog, I hope I can help you and myself find a balanced life that is also clutter free.
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