Decluttering any space takes time, focus, motivation, and vision. In this post I want to discuss the important of visualization. If doing something is important, like a promotion at work, you visualize that goal. You imagine yourself in that job and what it would mean to your life. Well, why should decluttering your home/life be any different? Decluttering you home/life is a goal. In your mind, what does that look like?

When you are going to declutter a room, a closet, drawers, etc, you should imagine what it looks like. If you are going to declutter a bedroom, imagine the dresser tops clear of clutter. Imagine any chairs free of clutter. Imagine the bed made and free of laundry. Imagine the corners free of clutter. Imagine the nightstands free of clutter and the closet organized and free of clutter. Once you have that image in your head, write it down. Make sure to label what space it is. Don’t be afraid to go into detail.

It is important to visualize what you want because by visualizing it, you set a goal for what you want and a clutter free home/life. The visualization can help you make decisions on what you should keep and what you need to donate or throw away. Having a clear vision/goal can be motivating and create positive thinking.

When visualizing the space you are planning to declutter make sure you aren’t redecorating, that comes later. You want to visualize the room/space with its current decorations or less. Maybe some of the decorations and furniture needs to be donated or tossed. Don’t visualize the room with decorations and furniture you don’t already own. Just don’t add.

When decluttering an entire house, break it down to individual rooms and/or spaces. Some areas may be bigger or smaller than others. For example, you make have a vision for your bedroom but the vision for the closet may be separate goal. The goal/vision may depend how much time you have to devote to it. Next week I will be discussing how to create the perfect plan for achieving you vision/ goals of having a clutter free home/life. Hopefully this post has helped you get a vision of what your clutter free home/life will look like. Comment below on what space you plan to declutter first.

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