5 Tips for Goal Success

Hi Friends!

Today I want to talk about goal success. Seems like a funny thing for me to talk about considering I am late posting this. 🤪 As you can probably guess always being on time with deadlines is NOT one of my tips… 🤣 I am by no means an expert on goal success… in fact I am quite the opposite.. so these tips are as much for me as they are for you. They are the tips I am putting into play this year to reach my own goals. I would love to hear any tips that have helped you reach your goals in any area(s) of your life.

1. Plan Out your day

This is the #1 thing that has always helped me. I plan out my weeks every Sunday and then each morning I plan out that particular day. It helps me to see where I need to juggle things to make everything happen. It also helps me prioritize the things that are most important to me.

2. Do the hardest things as early in your day as possible

We all have those items on our to-so list that we just don’t enjoy or they are just plain hard. Get those things done! You will feel soooo much better after completing them, that you’ll be motivated to get all the things done. Along with this… plan the things that get you closer to your goal earlier in the day as well, before the busyness of the day gets in the way.

3. Reward yourself

This just may be my favorite tip! 🥰 Once you have reached a goal or made progress toward your goal, reward yourself. Working to lose weight? Reward yourself for every 5 pounds you lose. 5lbs – new purse. 10lbs- pedicure 15lbs – massage. You get the idea. Rewarding yourself is another way of celebrating your success…big and small successes!

4. Get an accountability partner ( or two)

My husband is my main accountability partner and he never fails to keep me accountable. In a nice way, of course! Having someone to cheer you on and also remind you of your goals is a great way to reach your goals. Don’t have an accountability partner? I’d be honored to be! 😀

5. Give yourself grace

Most important tip of all! Don’t ever forget that Jesus gives you all the grace in the world, therefore you deserve to give yourself a little grace. You will flounder and fall but love yourself enough except the grace.

Until next time friends, happy adventures!

Shanda 🙂

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