One Good Deed

When I am out shopping or just out in public I feel like others are judging me and act like they are better than me.  Some people have become impatient and rude.  For example, I was pushing my three kids in a shopping cart while seven months pregnant across a parking lot.  I had a person in a car yell at me to hurry up and get out of his way.  I feel people have no respect for others.  They are in the right even if they truly aren’t.

But I had something rare happen a few weeks ago.  My girls and I were at a Dollar Tree.  I went in for two or three items and ended up with about ten, like usual.  I don’t know if my girls were being wild or if I looked really tired but the woman in front of me in the checkout line asked if she could buy my items as well.  I must have looked shocked because she went on to explain that she tries to do one good deed each day.  Something for someone else.

This got me thinking, what a great idea and great example I would be setting for my kids if I tried to do one good deed each day.  What are some ways that I could help others?  I’ve decided that question is not easily answered.  you need to pay attention to what is going on around you.  One day it could be letting the person in the grocery line behind you go first because they have fewer items or maybe it is helping someone to their car.  Maybe it is asking someone how they are doing or just showing them some kindness.

But these kind of deeds should be done more than once every day, all the time.  Maybe if others see us giving out good deeds or acts of kindness than they will pay it forward.  With each act maybe people like me will feel less judged.  And the next generation will be better for it.

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