The World of Books

We recently moved to the Portland, Oregon/ Vancouver, Washington area. My mother-in-law kept suggesting that I look into the local public library to see what fun and educational events/classes/groups they offered for the kids. I was a little reluctant about this. I wasn’t sure it would be that much fun and that my girls would sit still. I had my idea of what it would be.

I recently felt that we needed a change in our week. A little more fun. So I finally looked into what our public library offered and found a lot more than I expected. I found a lot of interesting things. They offer events and classes for everyone; adults, teens, and kids. My local public library offer for adults a board game night, healthy aging classes, book swap, a simply write class , and many more. For teens, they offer a Teen Zine Club, a book sway and more. I was excited to see what they offered to kids; Read to the Dog, Lego club, weekly storytime, and a book swap (to name a few).

My son has read to the dog a few times and he loves it! My daughter’s and I have started going to weekly storytime. Storytime is not just sitting and listening to someone read a book (like I thought). They sing, dance, play with instruments, and read books. At the end they had a big bubble machine. My girls loved every minute of it and they made new friends. I did the adult book swap. For every book I brought in I was able to exchange for another. If I didn’t find anything I wanted then I left with the books I came in with. I brought in 19 books but I only found 4 I wanted to trade.

My family and I have had some very happy times in our public library. I suggest you check out your public library to see what happy times they can offer you (and family).

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