Top Places to Find Activities for Your Family

Being a stay-at-home mom I love doing fun activities with my kids (and family).  Just over a year ago we moved to where we live now.  At our old house in a different town I didn’t do a lot with my kids.  To be honest, I didn’t know where to find fun activities to do with my kids.  When I moved here, my mother-in-law gave me a few places to check out.  She is also constantly looking for fun things to do with my kids.  Some of these places might help you find fun activities for you and your family to do.

The Local Public Library

I previously wrote a post about the different activities that my local library offers.  Please check it out, The World of Books.  But as I continue to visit my public library’s website I am learning  that as the seasons change so does what they offer.  With the school year started they offer a book club for the different grade levels.  My son, M, is in the second grade and we picked up this months book.  They meet once a month to go over the book.  A parent (or grandparent) needs to read the book as well.  The activities the library offers are usually free.

The City Parks and Rec Website

I love my city’s parks and rec website!  The activities on this site range from age group activities to family fun activities.  The activities that they offer can cost money and some don’t.  Some of the activities we have participated in are a tumbling class offered to toddlers (this one costs and my girls love it), soccer (the city works with another group called “Kidz Love Soccer”, and my daughter, B, will be starting preschool soon.  During the summer they offer different things that are located in the park like a professional bringing in reptiles or someone performing a magic show.  They also offer a movie in the park for families.  These last few don’t usually cost anything.

Facebook Events

From my experience, fun family events in local areas a Facebook event is usually created.  The great part about Facebook is that you can get notifications to help remind you of what events are coming up.  Plus you can see which of your friends are also going or interested in going.

Local Coffee Shop/Grocery Store

My favorite local coffee shop allows people to hang fliers to help inform us, locals of upcoming activities.  Every time I am there I look to see what fun things could be coming up.  Some things could be local groups or some are city events like the Christmas Tree Lighting.  For you it may not be the coffee shop but maybe a local grocery store.  I recommend keeping a lookout for bulletin boards with fliers.

The Local News

Depending on how big the event is, the local news might report on it or the station may have a section on their website for local events.  I recommend watching your local news and/or checking out their website.

I hope this list helps you find some fun activities to do with your kids and/or family.  If you have any suggestions on where to find kids and/or family activities please share in the comments.

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