One Year to an Organized Life: Month 1: Week 2

This week was great! I have figured out routines and schedules that currently work for me, with kids at school. But, schedules are changing for everyone. I now need to see if these routines and schedules will work for me with four kids at home.

When I was creating my routines I thought about what I normally do during those times. For example, at night right before I go to bed I set the coffee maker to brew in the morning, I finish any dishes in the sink, and I start the dishwasher. Then I added a few things that I could do that might help keep my house clean and organized. For example, I’ve added pushing in the chairs at the dining room table and picking up anything on the floor in the living room.

I know this may seem crazy but the hardest routine for me is the morning. My mornings always seem so crazy. I had three kids to get off to school. I’ve tried to include things I want to get done with things I have to get done. I also tried to keep it simple. If it gets too complicated I struggle with sticking to it.

While I was creating my morning and evening routines, I decided to create a work routine and an afternoon routine. My work routine is just a general kind of to-do list. Not everything on this routine will get done everyday but it’s nice to have. My afternoon routine is house chores that my kids and I do before dinner. Like sweeping the floors, picking up the entryway of backpacks, shoes, coats, and anything else.

Once I had my routines listed out, I added them into my day. I found the perfect time and order my routines worked best. For example, my workout fit best between getting my older kids on the bus and my younger one on the bus. I had just enough time to spend 30 minutes on my workout. Once I got my last one on the bus I was able to continue with my morning routine.

The first day I applied these routines into my day I felt like my day had been so productive! I was able to add baking with my daughter to my day (we made brownies and white bread). My house looked and felt more organized. Now, I just need to adapt these routines into a day with my kids home everyday, all day for the summer.