Name That Movie!

Car rides can be boring and frustrating.  Even the shortest trips can seem to last too long.  As a mom of three I spend a lot of time in the car, going to school, grocery shopping, sports and/or just visiting family.  To try to enjoy car rides more my kids and I created a music game.


Things that you will need for this game are the Pandora app/website on our phone/tablet/computer, knowledge of some Disney movies, and a love for music.  The station I searched for in my Pandora app was “Let it Go” from Frozen (my daughters favorite song/movie). However, you could search any Disney song and get a similar station.  My station plays a variety of songs from new to old Disney movies.


How the game works is every time a son comes on try to be the first to name what movie it is from.  If you are the first than you get a point.  The person with the most points wins.  You could end the game at the end of every car ride but we do not.  We just carry the game to the next car ride.  No one ever wins.  If no one can name the movie than I (the driver) gives the movie title and no one gets a  point.

When we first started playing a year ago my son, M, was the only one to get a point.  He was 6 and my daughters were about 2 and 9 months.  I believe this game helped motivate my oldest daughter to start talking more. Not long after we started playing the game she started talking and trying to say the movie titles.  Today she is usually the first to name the movie and throughout the song she will tell you what character is singing.

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