My favorite cleaning app

Hi Happy Adventurers!

Today I want to talk about something that may be far from happy or adventurous to many of you… cleaning. Yes, I said it… cleaning. 😉 I, personally enjoy a kept up and tidy home but I really don’t like the actual act of cleaning. I find it taxing and often times overwhelming ( with a 3 year old, two indoor dogs and a small farm outside our door) but I still work very hard each day to keep our little home clean & tidy. I found that I was cleaning constantly just to keep up with the day to day upkeep. It was exhausting! And I know I’m not alone in this frustration.

Well, I found a tool that has completely changed the way I view cleaning and how I keep up with it all. The motivated moms app is an app that breaks down cleaning tasks ( as well as other household tasks) into smaller chunks spread out over the week. It includes a list of daily tasks and a list of weekly tasks. One of my favorite things is that it includes tasks that I often forget such as taking my vitamins and/or cleaning out the vents in our home. Which is awesome when you have “mom brain”, like I do. 😉 I love to mark things off  my “to-do” list and this app allow me to do that. I highly recommend it and would love to hear your feedback if you do check it out. 🙂

Happy Adentures!


I’ve included the link below: