One Year to an Organized Life: Month 1: Weeks 3 & 4

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! Two days before my kids last day of school, we became sick. I’m not sure what we had. But, we have been sick for three weeks now. Slowly we have been getting back to normal. We still have a cough but it is improving each day. But, this has put me behind on many things including my kitchen organization.

I started week three by reading the chapter. The questions that the author suggested we answer, I numbered them. I then took my journal and answered them. Also in week three the author wanted us to do a quick go through of the kitchen. Get rid of anything we know we don’t want or need. I’ve done this within the last year so, I moved on to week 4.

I read week 4. I already have some baskets to help organize my cabinets and drawers so, I jumped right into organizing my kitchen. One day three weeks ago I decided to start with organizing my kitchen counter. It always seems to get so cluttered! As I got my counter cleared and organized, it motivated me to continue to my kitchen drawers and on to one of my upper cabinets. I moved some things around, took out what we didn’t want or need anymore. I also pulled out my label maker and labeled everything I organized.

That was all the organizing I was able to get done. My kids were arriving home from school. I needed to focus on them. And then we became sick before I could continue with organizing my kitchen. Now, that we are finally feeling better, I will finish organizing my kitchen and pantry. However, I am also going to continue in the book to Month 2 Week 1.

How did organizing your kitchen go?