One Year to An Organized Life: Month 2: Week 2

I’d like to start this post off by saying that I finally finished organizing my kitchen! I’d still like to update the cabinets and paint the walls. But it is organized! Now, the hard part, getting my family to put things back when they are done using something.

I started Month 2 week 2 off by reading the section in the book. I enjoyed reading this section. Week 2 is about the closet and our clothes. The author discusses different reasons why we might hold onto as much as we do. I found this fascinating because one of the reasons I hang onto clothes is I hope to fit into them again some day. I did realize about a year or so ago that anything i had before kids would probably never fit again. So, I got rid of it. However, those clothes that would fit if I lost a few inches I did keep.

One thing I have learned so far in my progress to get organized is that I need to schedule and plan when I’m going to organize. If I don’t then things won’t get done. I have started on my closet and clothes but I still have a ways to go. I will need to schedule more to get it done. I am still very determined to get organized over this next year. How is you doing with your organizing?

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