The Perfect Planner

As I’ve said in past posts, this year for me is all about finding life balance. I don’t want to be as stressed. I want to be organized. I don’t want to feel like I’m neglecting anything important. One of the tools I am using to try and accomplish my goals is a planner. I have learned over the years that not every planner is the same. And each person needs are different. Finding the perfect planner may take time. I have finally figured out my perfect planner.

In the beginning I thought I loved my Happy Planner. Now, Happy Planners are great planners and I love all the accessories! But I kept finding things I wished my Happy Planner had. I tried to find a planner that had what I wanted, I couldn’t find it. So, I made it!

For my perfect daily planner, it was two pages. On one page I had a section to put a detailed To-do list, a section to plan my day, and at the bottom I had a section to write a goal or prayer for the day. On the second page I had a section for my workouts, meals, health (taking medication or how I was feeling), budget, and notes.

A few months ago I switched back to a Happy Planner from the one I made. But for at least the last month I have regretted buying the Happy Planner. I’ve learned a lot about myself since I made that switch.

  1. To hold myself accountable for more areas of my life like workouts and meals, I need a place to write them down.
  2. I need a detailed To-do list section. My current daily sheets has a section for only 5 items. I need to write down more than that (I’m a forgetful person).

I can’t switch back to my own created planner sheets yet because we don’t have a working printer and I spent money on my current planner. So, my advice to you is to figure out what you want from your planner, how you want it to be organized, and don’t be afraid to create your own. I made mine in a word document on my computer.

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