One Year to an Organized Life: Month 1: Week1

I found this week to be easy. This week was about time management. Do you make it to appointments on time? If you are always late, why? The author wants you to dig down deep to the root for why you are always late.

When trying to figure out why you are always late the author wants you to answer these questions.

  1. Think back to your home origin. Were your parents on time or do you remember both of them being chronically late? What specific memories do you have regarding time?
  2. How were you affected by parental dramas regarding time? Did you have one on-time parent and one habitually late parent? How did you feel about each of them?
  3. Moving forward, were you a person who was always on time until something happened that derailed your usual modus operandi?
  4. let me ask you a question about your reaction to being late. Does it bother you? Often being late is how we draw attention to ourselves.

Now, I found this week easy because I hate being late. I’m rarely late. I try to be a little early. Recently, I’ve been a little too early to appointments. So, after answering the questions I moved on to week 2. Week 2 is about routines and schedules.

My routines and schedule could use extra time to figure out. Look for how I did with week 2 next Tuesday. Happy organizing!

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