Summer Plans

I always feel like once I have my schedule settled and things start running smoothly, schedules are going to be changing. They could be because of winter break, school starting, school ending, and summer starting. No matter what the cause is, a new schedule needs to be created. Summer starts in just over a week. My schedule will be changing with four kids at home all day long.

When I start to create a new schedule I begin by making a list of everything I want/need to accomplish. This list usually starts with what my schedule (days) currently have. Things like work, laundry, meals, etc. But, with the kids being home, the day needs to include activities for them. Activities that will keep them busy and out of trouble. I would also like some of the activities to be educational.

Once I have my list I decide when the perfect time of the day to get each activity done. Now, the schedule is not set in stone. As the new schedule starts you might need to make adjustments. you may find some activities that work better in the morning instead of the afternoon. Changes may need to be made more than once. Finding the perfect schedule may take time. Don’t be afraid to make as many changes as it takes to find the perfect schedule that works for you and your family.

One of my hardest things about creating a schedule that works for me and my family is being realistic about everyone with the schedule will be with and about the schedule. For example, my son doesn’t want to do summer school. So we want him to do lot of reading and basic worksheets on subjects like math. And even though I imagine my son being mister little perfect by reading and doing any and all worksheets we give him, I know he will do anything to procrastinate on doing any learning. So, when I create my schedule I am going to consider how my kids will behave and do with the schedule.

One thing I always try to do with my schedule is give it a little wiggle room and be adjustable with activities. Everyday won’t be the same especially with kids. I need to be flexible with my schedule. Be able to change up the activities.

Look for my future post on kid activities.

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