One Year to an Organized Life

My main goal for this year was to create balance in my life and my family’s lives. One area that I believe that doesn’t allow us to have a balanced life is an unorganized home. I can make a ton of excuses on why my home is disorganized. But, excuses does not help create a balanced life. I’ve decided that it is time to finally do something about it because trying to do it on my own isn’t working. So, I ordered, on Amazon, a book called “One Year to an Organized Life” by Regina Leeds.

I’m really excited about this book! Each month is a different area of your life/home. For example, the first month tackles the kitchen. But, then it takes the area and breaks it down to weeks. Some weeks might just cover getting to the reason why it is unorganized and other weeks will be deciding what and what not to keep and how to organize the areas.

I’ve got a plan and now I need support and accountability. Referring back to a post I wrote almost a year ago, “Finding an Accountability Team“, that post was about finding support team for a healthy life but the same concept can be applied in this situation. One way I am going to find accountability is here, on my blog. I will give weekly updates on how my journey is going. My family is also part of my support/accountability team, and my best friend. They will encourage me and help me donate what needs to be gotten rid of.

I may not follow the book front to back. I may bounce around to sections in my house that I want/need done. When I start a section I will finish it before moving to the next. Feel free to order a copy of the book for yourself or you could just follow along with me. If you are going to be following along with me, I will be starting with the first “chapter” (January), week one this week. The author recommends a journal, so I have a journal, a pen, and motivation to start. Here we go! Come back each week to see how things are going!

2 thoughts on “One Year to an Organized Life

  1. I love this! I have been trying to get my house organized for months! I am ordering the book right now. 😊

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