Sort of a Book Review: Prayer Journal

Life is crazy, messy, and stressful. Life can become so overwhelming that we can forget what is important. We can move to kind of an autopilot, and just move through day to days. Some times we need reminders of what is truly important. One way that I get my reminder is with my daily prayer journal. I’ve used a few over the last few years but the one I’m currently using is my absolute favorite! I love the colorful pages. They layout on the pages is great. There is seven sections for each day; a quote, Gratitude, Pray for, On my Heart, Verse of the Day, Reflection, and My prayer requests.

I like to split the sections up. Some I fill out in the morning and some I do in the evening. The ones I do in the morning are reading the quote, Pray for, and Verse of the Day. During my evening devotion I fill in the remaining sections: Gratitude, On My Heart, Reflection, and My Prayer Requests.

Filling out this journal gives me a daily reminder of what is important. I’m able to to think of what I am grateful for, reflect on how I’m doing, what I may be worrying or excited about, and what I want or need of God (prayer requests). To be completely honest, by filling in the sections and discussing my feelings, needs, worries, etc. with God, my mental and emotional health is healthier. I’m not bottling things up inside or worrying about things till I make myself sick. I’m able to get them out.

I ordered this book from Walmart but I know it is also available on Amazon (Walmart is cheaper). If you need a daily reminder of what is important in life, I recommend this Prayer Journal. Guys, I know it says for women on it but if you can ignore that you could use it too.

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