Creating a Health Journal

I’ve learned over the last few years that if I keep track of what I eat, I’m more likely to eat healthier or make healthier choices. I’m not one for counting calories, except with an app that will do it for me. But, keeping track in an app isn’t enough. I need to physically write it down.

So, I have created my own health journal. Each day is two pages. On the first page, there is an area to write down each meal and snacks I eat during the day. Also, on the first page is an area to write down any exercise or activities I do during the day. On the second page, at the end of each day I answer a few questions. They are to help and encourage me to continue on my healthy living lifestyle.

I made these sheets in Microsoft Word. I printed them off on the landscape setting and then folded them in half to create a book. Another option is to leave them on the portrait setting to print them off and add them into a 3 ring binder.

I have a few modifications I’m working on to improve my health journal. Hopefully, in the next few months I can be updating this post, adding in the changes. What do you do to help with your healthy living lifestyle?

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