Re: Book Review: Find Your Path

I love reading! I can get so lost in a book, neglecting all my responsibilities. But, have you ever read a book that changes your life or how you look at your own life? These books are so rare. Carrie Underwood’s “Find Your Path” is one of those books for me. The first time I read it was a year and a half ago. It had me look at health, fitness and my life in a different way. Eating healthy didn’t have to be a diet. Fitness is more than getting thin (or whatever). Eating healthy and exercise could be a way of life. I could still eat all the foods I love like burgers. I just need to make it a healthy as possible like a lettuce bun.

I did fall off the healthy life wagon. I’ve been reading it again, hoping it will help motivate me to get back on the wagon. And so far it is working. I remember feeling so good when I was living a healthy life. I want to feel that way again. If you need motivation to live a healthier life, I recommend Carrie Underwood’s “Find Your Path”.

Now I did do a book review on this book once before. Here is a link to the first book review.

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