What is Life Balance?

I love being a stay-at-home mom. But, life can become repetitive. I feel like I am cleaning the same rooms over and over just to have my kids (or husband) and dogs make a mess of it again. I start to feel like no one notices or appreciates all that I do. So, when three out of my four kids started school full time I thought it would be a great time to get a job. I could help provide for my family financially and get out and away from the house. However, with Covid-19 and state regulations being what they are, my job didn’t last long. While going back to being a stay-at-home mom is great but I told myself that I would find balance in my life. I don’t want to feel the way that I did before. But, what is life balance? How do I achieve it?

To help me I googled the definition of balance. I got these definitions from Dictionary Definitions from Oxford Languages. Balance (noun) is

  1. is an even distribution of weight allowing someone and/or something to stay upright and steady.
  2. a condition in which different things are equal or in the correct proportions.

As I was researching my definitions, I found a few quotes that had me thinking about how to achieve a life balance.

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create” – Jana Kingsford

“There is no such thing as work-life balance- it is all life. The balance has to be within you.” – Sadhguru.

These quotes have me realizing that there isn’t just one way to live a balanced life. People are unique, their lives are unique, which makes each person’s life balance unique. No one’s life balance is the same.

After my realization, I needed to determine what my life balance would look like. I’ve started my life balancing quest by determining what I want my everyday areas. I know I want daily time with God, daily time with my family, and time for chores/cleaning. I should eat three meals, at least. Those meals require cooking before and cleaning afterwards. I want to spend time on my blog almost everyday. I need five to six hours of sleep to function (yes, I know I should be getting at least eight hours). I also want to spend time doing whatever I want. Currently, my relaxing time is watching Hallmark movies.

Please take time to determine what areas you want in your daily life and please share some in the comments. And stay tuned for my future posts on getting my life balance up and running.

While reading Bring on the Merry by Candace Cameron Bure, I was reminded how helpful a pie chart can be.

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3 thoughts on “What is Life Balance?

  1. High five on having five to six hours of sleep! I myself have always ‘needed’ 8 hours, but lately I’ve resolved to waking up at 6am, and sometimes that means getting just six hours of sleep, but I feel fine after about a year of this schedule. Anyway, here’s to life balance!

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