The New and Improved Tidbit of Happy!

My blog, Tidbit of Happy, has been around for a few years. The blog has been geared around family. I want this new relaunch to still be about family. When I was thinking about my blog and my family, I thought “what has been our biggest struggle?”. I also thought about what has been the cause of most of our problems. No matter how I phrased the question, the answer was always the same. The answer to these questions is….. clutter!

Clutter is when you have too much stuff. You don’t know what to do with your too much stuff. It can cause your home to look messy, unorganized, and dirty.

The Daily Struggle

This was our house. A few years ago we moved from a two story house to a one story house. We struggled with our clutter. Then we had another baby. Now we have six people living in a single story, three bedroom house. The clutter just got worse.

Clutter always made my house look messy. We never wanted to have company over. If we knew family or friends were coming, I would spend the week before piling our clutter, shooving it in a closet, in a bedroom, or in the garage. These were just temporary fixes. It didn’t actually reduce the clutter or fix any problems. We wouldn’t let our kids have friends over. We didn’t want anyone to see our cluttered home. If we scheduled playdates, we always did it somewhere else like a playground.

The clutter in our home also caused my husband and I to be stressed all the time. Our home wasn’t a place for us to relax, to enjoy ourselves or each other. Our stress, due to the clutter, also caused our relationship to be strained. Being a stay-at-home mom, my husband couldn”t tell that I did anything all day. I felt like all I did was clean the same areas over and over but getting nowhere. I never had time for anything else. My blog wasn’t able to be a priority. My health wasn’t a priority. Activities I wanted to do with my family had to be postponed or canceled because I had a cluttered house I could never get cleaned.

Whenever we took pictures of our kids or animals inside the house, we tried not to get too much background. We wanted no evidence of how much clutter we had. Cute pictures weren’t sent to family or posted on social media because there was too much clutter in the back ground.

we finally reached a point where something had to change. We couldn’t keep living the way we were. The hardest but most important for my family… and myself, was to declutter our home and lives. It was going to take all of us, commitment, and hard work. In the end I knew it would be worth it.

What the Future Holds

And please don’t be afraid to share any and all feedback.

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