Finding an Accountability Team

Over the years I have learned that I’m the only one that can decide for me to eat healthy or to workout. I’m the only one who can decide what kind of workout i will do and how hard I would do the workout. I may be the only one who can make those choices for me but that doesn’t mean I need to go the journey alone. One of the things I need to help me live a healthy lifestyle is to have a support team. People who love and care about me and want me to succeed. This team hold you accountable for the choices you make.

You can find these people anywhere but remember they should want you to succeed. Depending on who you are and your situation, these people could be family. A spouse or your kids. They could be your parents or siblings. My parents and sister are part of my team. They are on their own journeys to living a healthy lifestyle as well. One way we hold each other accountable is by challenging each other to a daily health challenge. We share what we eat, how much we eat and any exercise we do. The goal is to be the healthiest for each meal and to get the best workout in.

This is a text between my mom, sister and I agreeing to hold each other accountable.

Other family that can help you are the in-laws. I have grown really close to one of my sister-in-laws. She tags me when she posts any exercising she does and I tag her when I exercise or make a healthy eating choice. She usually responds with something uplifting. It is so motivating for me to keep going. One of the things that makes her a great person to have as a member of my accountability team because she is a coach. Her job is to be there to help people reach their goals whether it is financial, healthy eating or exercise. She can help find a good meal plan, an accountability team, exercise routine, etc. If you are interested in finding additional help on your journey please reach out to her at

This is a pic I sent my sister in law and how she showed me support and encouragement.

Friends can also be a good member of your accountability team. They can do this by eating healthy with you when you go out together. Or by suggesting you do an active activity like hiking or walking when you get together. Or just tell them how they can help you.

The number one person on your accountability team needs to be you. There are many ways you can hold yourself accountable. The first thing you should do is believe in yourself. Other things you could do is write down what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat, and any exercise you do. You could write this in a journal or there are many apps to help. I personally use a journal and an app.

If you need additional support social media is a great place to look. Most likely the people you will find are going through their own healthy living lifestyle journey as well. I post a lot on Instagram and follow others who are on their own journey. I personally want to see you succeed. If you need more support, I am there for you. Either comment below or look me up on Facebook or Instagram (@sarahecabeza). I know my sister-in-law would be another great person, Click here

Please don’t be afraid to add me as an accountability team member. Happy journey!

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