I Am…. Me

I am a woman

I am a mother

I am a wife

I am a daughter

I am a granddaughter

I am a sister

I am an aunt

I am a daughter-in-law

I am a sister-in-law

I am…. me

I am emotional

I am kind

I am happy

I am sad

I am angry

I am a believer

I am hopeful

I am a dreamer

I am faithful

I am positive

I am friendly

I am silly

I am…. me

I am creative

I am messy

I am a bad cook

I am beautiful

I am clumsy

I am a want-to-be gardener

I am a singer

I am a dancer

I am a driver

I am a list maker

I am forgetful

I am a planner

I am an organizer

I am a writer

I am an author

I am a blogger

I am…. me

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